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Christmas Week in Review

It has been a busy week but it has been a great week. Started off…

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Named Calendar Photo Contest winner

I just found out that one of my picture won a calendar photo contest for…

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Late Afternoon at Monkey Park

You never know when you will get a chance to take a picture. I guess…

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Something from the past

At one time as you went along the highways and byways, the barns would have…

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Sunset 10-13-20

Timing is the key of getting the picture. The sun only gives you a few…

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Opelika Football Captains Show Character

When the color guard passed and the National Anthem was played during the Opelika-Lee Game,…

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The Opelika Police Department is making great efforts to have better community relations. The Have…

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Windshields and Bugs

This time of the year is when you really get a windshield full of Love…

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Spider in the Yard

For the last several days I have seen this yellow garden spider in the front…

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Have you heard them?

To me, it seems like the Cicada is out in large numbers this year. If…